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We're Hiring! 

Our team is looking to hire an Administrative Assistant/ Bookkeeper to work alongside our Tax Division.

Job Responsibilities

  • Manage administrative tasks including scheduling, correspondence, file organization, and data entries.

  • Handle bookkeeping duties such as maintaining financial records, reconciling accounts, and preparing reports.

  • Assist with various projects and tasks to support the smooth operation of the office.

Job Requirements

  • Strong organization and time management skills.

  • Attention to detail and accuracy in all tasks.

  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.

  • Proficiency in bookkeeping (knowledge in QuickBooks Desktop & Quickbooks Online is a plus).

Questions or Interested?

Interested in applying, email your resume to or click Apply Now on this screen.


Questions before you apply, reach out to our team at 319.449.6900. We're excited to add to our great team.

About our Firm

Our financial planning and tax planning firm is dedicated to providing a personalized and enriching experience for our clients. At the heart of our business philosophy is a commitment to a team approach, ensuring that every client benefits from the diverse expertise and perspectives of our seasoned professionals.


We prioritize a "family first" mentality, understanding that financial decisions are deeply intertwined with personal goals and values. By fostering a supportive and empathetic environment, we strive to empower our clients to make informed choices that align with their unique family dynamics and aspirations.


Flexibility is key to our approach, recognizing that each client's financial situation is distinct and may evolve over time. Whether it's adapting to changes in the market, shifts in personal circumstances, or new financial goals, we remain agile and responsive to meet our clients' evolving needs.


Central to our mission is the empowerment of our clients. We believe in equipping individuals and families with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to take control of their financial futures. Through education, transparent communication, and collaborative decision-making, we empower our clients to make sound financial choices that support their long-term success and well-being.


In summary, our firm is more than just about financial planning and tax strategies; it's about delivering an exceptional experience grounded in teamwork, family values, flexibility, and empowerment. We are committed to building lasting relationships built on trust, integrity, and shared success.

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